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meticuleux asked: I saw your tattoo in the ribcage tattoo tag, and I was wondering how bad the pain was? I'm looking at script in the same place as yours, and I've been told it's more expensive and painful on the ribcage.

For me the pain wasn’t too bad! I think I might have a high pain tolerance though because I’ve gotten my belly pierced and my conch and both of those didn’t phase me. It feels like a pin scratching you. Some places hurt more than others too but if you just keep in mind the pain is temporary then you’ll be fine :) My tattoo costed me around $180 if that helps you at all :) 

Good Morning! Smoothie bowl for breakfast! Rice milk, frozen berries, avocado, honey and lemon juice with chia seeds and hemp hearts 
Whole wheat oats with banana, blueberries, almonds, pb, sunflower seeds and brown sugar :)
Long Beach, California
Handstand practice

heartstronghairlong asked: Hi! I just found your blog and omg, you're so beautiful!! I recently decided to start practicing yoga, cause weight lifting, running and occassional pilates just didn't feel enough anymore. When you first started did you take classes or did you just do it by yourself? And do you have any suggestions of helpful videos or books how to get started? :) I know there's plenty but it's difficult to find proper ones. Have a great day xx

Ah thank you so much :) And wow!! You’re really putting a lot into your fitness, that’s amazing. I took a few yoga classes here and there throughout high school but never really committed time and effort until last year around this time. I went to a few classes to get inspired but it was hard for me to fit the classes in my schedule since I worked full time during the summer… so I started doing a lot on my own at home! http://www.doyogawithme.com/yoga_classes this site is pretty helpful :) My normal routine is some cardio or strength training, then about 20 minutes of stretching and then a yoga sequence to finish off :) If you have instagram, these ladies are really inspiring and do pose challenges every day! @laurasykora, @masumi_g, @beachyogagirl, @gypsetgodess :)

Full Camel at the Grand Canyon :)

I’m working towards a fully extended leg! 

ench4nting asked: oh and my grandma's a buddhist and i fucking love your tattoo.

Hahahah Yay!! It took me sooo long to figure out what font and placement I wanted, but once I decided I knew I was going to love it

ench4nting asked: you are stunning. give me your body. no homo lmao.

Ahh!! Thank you :) You seriously just made my day a whole lot better <3


My King Cobra pose!!

Anonymous asked: what does it mean of your tattoo in your side?? and in which language is it?

It is a buddhist meditation my grandfather taught me when I was young :) Meditations are to guard and protect your mind, chanting them restores your mind to purity, equality and peace. Reciting this one purifies your 3 karmas- mind, body and speech. It is translated from sanskrit :)

getfit-staystrong asked: Your blog is so inspiring! I've recently just started yoga again (the hot kind) and I cannot wait to be able to do all the poses you can do. You must really be passionate about it. You're really gorgeous and it's great to know that you actually work for it! xxx

Ah, thank you so much :)!!! I really do love yoga, and yes! If you keep at it you will definitely be able to do the tougher asanas :)